Investigating the Effect of Generalized Newtonian Fluid on the Micro-Void Development within Large Scale Polymer Composite Deposition Beads

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University of Texas at Austin


The formation and development of micro-voids within the bead microstructure of a polymer composite during the extrusion/deposition additive manufacturing process continues to be of interest given the adverse effect these features have on part quality. A computational method is employed here to investigate potential volatile-induced micro-void nucleation mechanism which simulates the evolution of a single rigid ellipsoidal fiber in purely viscous polymer extrusion/deposition flow through a Large Area Additive Manufacturing (LAAM) nozzle. Our previous studies on potential micro-void nucleation mechanisms have assumed a Newtonian fluid property definition for the polymer melt flow, the current study assesses the effect of assuming a generalized Newtonian fluid (GNF) model on the fiber’s response. Preliminary findings based on Jeffery’s flow assumption reveal the fiber’s orientation kinetics are unaffected by the shearthinning fluid behavior, however there is a reduction in the pressure distribution on the fiber’s surface as the power law index is decreased which is expected to reduce the likelihood for microvoid nucleation.


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