Renovating Suburbia




Kleon, Meghan
Moore, Steven

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A study in community sustainability by the UT Austin School of Architecture in collaboration with the George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center. The study is documented in three phases, with each phase outlined in a set of exhibit boards. Phase 1: The Scale of the Home. "We begin by looking at suburban homes from a 'supply-side' view in which homes are consumer products that can be designed to be more efficient." Phase 2: The Scale of the Region. "To more fully address sustainability, we then move to a 'demand-side' view to strategize how to reduce overall system demand and enhance environmental community conditions via infrastructure." Phase 3: The Scale of the Neighborhood. "Finally, an 'effect-side' view looks at how neighborhood-level design affects existing and future residents of Manor by integrating density, infrastructure, and increased social and architectural diversity."



Three PDF documents, with each document representing a set of exhibit boards.

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