Additively Manufactured Conformal Negative Stiffness Honeycombs

Debeau, D.A.
Seepersad, C.C.
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University of Texas at Austin

This study investigates the static and dynamic mechanical performance of conformal negative stiffness honeycomb structures. Negative stiffness honeycombs are capable of elastically absorbing a static or dynamic mechanical load at a predefined force threshold and returning to their initial configuration after the load is released. Most negative stiffness honeycombs rely on mechanical loading that is orthogonal to the base of the structure. In this study, a more three dimensional design is presented that allows the honeycomb to conform to complex surfaces and protect against impacts from multiple directions. The conformal designs are additively manufactured in nylon and stainless steel and subjected to quasi-static mechanical loading and dynamic mechanical impact tests that demonstrate their impact protection capabilities.