Campus interactive interchangeable living laboratory design for student sustainable innovation at the University of Texas at Austin

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Jiang, Nan

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Universities are places where advanced education be taught, and also where pinner thoughts be conceived. Explorations and innovations in every field are spontaneous and highly encouraged, so does in field of Sustainable Architecture. Correspondingly, campus buildings should be considered as a carrier of knowledge, which can enlighten occupants in certain extents. Can the design of a Living Laboratory on Campus of the University of Texas at Austin facilitate student architectural sustainable explorations and innovations and contribute to campus sustainability socially and environmentally through the operation of interactive interchangeable building system? Specifically focusing on the University of Texas at Austin, this Master Design Study attempts to utilize a design process of a campus living laboratory to answer the questions above. It considered the lab as a platform for students to public their sustainable ideas and works, and get initial feedback from the occupants thereby. It would be especially benefit for university education and also for professional practice of students.




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