Peter Bogdanovich : the devil in the details




Collins, Philip Anderson, II

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The Devil in the Details, is largely chronological. I work with a combination of sources, including Bogdanovich's original films, interviews with Bogdanovich and his contemporaries throughout various stages of his life and career, a combination of voiceover and originally filmed material that contextualizes this content within a historical and narrative framework, and historical and academic sources. I depend on fair-use rights to content (narrative, documentary and interview) that I purchased and ripped from DVDs and Blu-Rays. Likewise, I performed extensive exploration of internet archives, downloading and locating footage of interviews to help contextualize the narrative Through IMDB I located a list of 241 documentaries and interviews of Peter Bogdanovich. I compiled at least 10-20 hours of interview footage over the course of his life and used it as a primary narrative driver for the work. In developing my body of original material I used both UT's library and the Austin Public Library system to assemble these interview films. Through the process of curating these, it was important to prioritize interviews based on not just the historical value of the interviews, but also the thematic or cultural value they imparted. These interviews, particularly when supplemented with footage from period news, Bogdanovich's films, and original filmed footage, there was more than enough material to form not just an essay but a full documentary. This original filmed material was used to introduce some of my own theorizing on Bogdanovich and his role in Hollywood. It is through this material that I will introduce what specific film theory is present in the piece.


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