Schrödinger equation Monte Carlo-3D for simulation of nanoscale MOSFETs

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Liu, Keng-ming

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A new quantum transport simulator -- Schrödinger Equation Monte Carlo in Three Dimensions (SEMC-3D) -- has been developed for simulating the carrier transport in nanoscale 3D MOSFET geometries. SEMC-3D self-consistently solves: (1) the 1D quantum transport equations derived from the SEMC method with open boundary conditions and rigorous treatment of various scattering processes including phonon and surface roughness scattering, (2) the 2D Schrödinger equations of the device cross sections with close boundary conditions to obtain the spatially varying subband structure along the conduction channel, and (3) the 3D Poisson equation of the whole device. Therefore, SEMC-3D can provide a physically accurate and electrostatically selfconsistent approach to the quantum transport in the subbands of 3D nanoscale MOSFETs. SEMC-3D has been used to simulate Si nanowire (NW) nMOSFETs to both demonstrate the capabilities of SEMC-3D, itself, and to provide new insight into transport phenomena in nanoscale MOSFETs, particularly with regards to interplay among scattering, quantum confinement and transport, and strain.