LBJ Journal of Public Affairs, Vol. 16, Issue 1, 2003




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TABLE OF CONTENTS: From the Dean (p.4) -- From the Editors-in-Chief (p.6) -- Practitioner’s Corner GEN. MONTGOMERY C. MEIGS (RET.) (p.8) -- Faculty Corner KENNETH S. APFEL, LBJ SCHOOL SID RICHARDSON CHAIR IN PUBLIC AFFAIRS(p.13) -- The Effects of the No Child Left Behind Act on the Balance of Power among Local, State, and Federal Educational Authorities by TERESA DAHMUS (p.20) -- Controlling Nuclear Warheads and Materials: Priority Actions to Prevent Nuclear Terrorism by ANTHONY WIER AND MATTHEW BUNN (p.29) -- The Potential Benefits of a Medicaid Family Planning Expansion in Texas by APRIL GRADY (p.42) -- Post-Congressional Lobbying and Legislative Sponsorship: Do Members of Congress Reward Their Future Employers? by ADOLPHO SANTOS, PH.D. (p.56) -- 21st Century Social Services: A Private or Public Affair? Examining the Roles of Government and Volunteers in Social Service Delivery by MEREDITH DESPAIN AND SARAH LOONEY (p.65) -- European Competition Policy Reform by ZHONG QINGCHUAN (p.74) -- The Harvard-Chubais Partnership: Creating a Kleptocratic Frankenstein by SUNNI L. BROWN (p.82) -- Fall 2003 LBJ Journal of Public Affairs Editorial Board (p.92)

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