Copy of the letter from Gullermo A. Lopez Salgado to Eduardo Mondino




Lopez Salgado, Guillermo A.

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This is a higher-quality copy of the letter from the file entitled "Letter from Gullermo A. Lopez Salgado to Eduardo Mondino". The only difference is the stamps and an additional page, probably for filing purposes, marked "PARA AGREGAR A LA ACTUACION" (To add to the activity). This five-page letter from the provincial government of Jujuy, from the Ministry of Production and Environment, seems to be a summary of all recent actions taken with regards to Abra Pampa. It refers to “Nota DP No. 009289/III, Ref. Actuación No. 1678/07” entitled Lead Contamination in Abra Pampa, Province of Jujuy. It describes the situation up to this point, including the mention of an agreement signed on April 4, 2007, the removal of contamination from the former foundry property and the “12 de Octubre” neighborhood. It also mentions an agreement made on May 5, 2007 for the project “Human and Environmental Health.” It mentions a Memorandum of Understanding to get Supplementary Financial Technical Assistance. It talks about studies done on the problem, including financial, environmental, and social aspects of the situation. It states that tests were done, including one on May 10, 2007, showing that the soil in Abra Pampa did not have lead content that went above the established standard for residential use. The letter says that they are waiting on the results of a test of the air in Abra Pampa. It also states that when the contamination was removed, they also removed the Coro family from the foundry property, who had been living there as caretakers of it.

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