"Introduction and the State of the Crowdsourcing Field" Symposium Keynote Presentation

Blickhan, Samantha
Ferriter, Meghan
Ridge, Mia
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The Collective Wisdom Project is an Arts and Humanities Research Council UK funded project focusing on surfacing and sharing the state of practice in digitally enabled participation and crowdsourcing, while reinvigorating and expanding a network of practitioners. The grant supported the collaboratively written book The Collective Wisdom Handbook, which features over 60 case studies, and is made openly available via PubPub. In the course of its activities, the grant brought together representatives from over 50 organizations and projects. The grant team, consisting of Drs. Mia Ridge, Sam Blickhan, and Meghan Ferriter, bring practical applications and critical questions to their efforts to support other people joining in crowdsourcing - from practitioners to participants. This talk will include reflections on the strengths of crowdsourcing practice in 2022 and where more attention is needed to develop shared practice. We’ll connect those observations to takeaways for practitioners, participants, and leadership. Together we can marry the outcomes of good planning and sustainable practice with the post-collaborative transcription activities.