Understanding Migration: Decision-Making Activity: Israeli/Palestinian Conflict




Arsenault, Natalie
Rose, Christopher
Phillips, Jennifer Jordan
Azulay, Allegra
Meyer, Rachel
Giles, Terry

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Section 4: Case Studies for the Advocate-Decision Making Activity

Section 4 is based around an advocate/decision-making activity, or "controlled debate." Instructions and worksheets are included, along with a series of case studies designed to be used in this activity. Each case study includes two pages of essential reading, along with supplemental materials that can be used, if time allows, or can be assigned as homework. We have made a conscious effort to use as many primary document sources as possible in order to help build critical reading and interpretation skills. The worksheets for Section 4 are included with each case study. Case Study: Should Palestinian Arabs be allowed the "right of return" to Israel? One of the most important - and difficult - issues facing the teams negotiating the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is the issue of the "right of return" for the Palestinians. During the Arab-Israeli war that followed the creation of Israel in 1947, many Palestinians fled their homes. Another wave left the West Bank following the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, most of them to settle in neighboring Jordan. Palestinians claim that they have the right to return to their ancestral homes that are now within the internationally recognized borders of the state of Israel, citing a number of resolutions by the United Nations. The Israelis disagree, arguing that, among other things, Israel simply could not absorb all of the people who could potentially be permitted to return. This issue is emotionally charged and difficult to resolve, but its resolution is essential to finding a lasting solution to the Israeli-Arab conflict. Students will read primary source documents to defend their position in the Advocate/Decision-Making Activity.


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