The life of James W. Throckmorton




Elliott, Claude, 1896-1958

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There were two questions to which Throckmorton gave his best efforts as a member of the Texas Legislature, as Governor, and as United States Congressman, one of which was that of frontier protection, and the other was that of railroad building. His services to Texas, in the first instance, and to Texas and the South, in the second, were undeniably distinguished. [...] Though Throckmorton's career is important for these things, its real significance in Texas history lies perhaps more in the myriad of services which he performed, rather than in the magnitude of any one in particular. For forty-four years, 1850-1894, he was connected, directly or indirectly, with the affairs of state, and for twenty-five of those years he held political office. Not only did he hold office, but he exercised great influence. At no time during this period, especially after 1860, did a politician of Texas ponder a move without first determining what "Old Throck" would think of it