Exploring how stories are told in different art forms : from text to visual storytelling, animated radio play, Kimmy

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Liu, Ningmo

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The focus of this thesis is an exploration of storytelling and its translation and representation through differing art forms. In this case, scripted vocal performance, visual drawing, and animation are exploited to tell the story. Kimmy, a script written by Farah Lawal Harris and produced by The Department of Theatre and Dance at The University of Texas at Austin in 2021, will be used as the object of research to communicate this author’s process of interpreting and transforming the recorded audio production to a fully animated visual and audio storied experience. The author of this thesis created the visual design for the production. The author of this thesis will explore how different art formats affect storytelling and how it illustrates character in a stylized graphic story. The paper will expose the details of the visual design process, from early conceptual sporadic thoughts and ideas to that of a fully illustrated, conceptually unified, and completely storied play. The thesis will serve as a critical reflection focusing on collaboration, workflow, revision, and resolution.


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