Gang reppin’ : revolutionizing resistance- critical discourse analysis of Colors, American Me & Straight Outta Compton




Mariscal, Kathy Isabel

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This thesis aims to unpack the discourse of Black and Latinx gangs in popular film. The (mis)representation of Black and Latinxs in films has damaging implications for how they are perceived and understood in discourse, education, and in knowledge production. I build from Critical Race Feminism, which is an intersectional and race-gendered feminist lens that is needed in theorizing and unpacking traditional malestream gang discourse. Critical discourse analysis guides the methodology used to discuss the implications of the following three films: Colors (1988), American me (1992), and Straight Outta Compton (2015). By using popular film and critical media analysis as tools, there is a possibility to (re)define and understand gang resistance with hopes to decolonize existing discourses.


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