Contaminación por Plomo en el Pueblo de Abra Pampa, Departamento Cochinoca Provincia de Jujuy, Versión II. Octubre de 2007

Miguel Ripoll, Carlos
Berberis, Sara
Hadad, Fernanda
Balbuena, Karina
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This 45 page document seems to be a report by the Provincial and National Ministry of Health of Argentina, and by PRESEC (Residencia de Epidemiología de Campo). Based on handwritten page numbers it may be missing several pages. It begins with a general introduction to the issue of lead and lead poisoning, then continues with sections such as “The background of lead poisoning in Abra Pampa,” “Rationale and Purpose,” “General Objectives,” “Specific Objectives,” “Methodology,” “Working Lines,” as well as forms such as the “Informed Consent” form for minors, an epidemiological study questionnaire, an information sheet for parents, and a “Chain of Custody” guide for the transport of biological samples for toxicology analysis. The document contains a large amount of technical information including timelines and graphs showing the progress of the environmental clean-up work, the effect of lead on the enzymatic activity in the body, treatment for different levels of lead poisoning and other information. It is signed by Dr. Carlos Miguel Ripoll, Provincial Director of Health Policy, and stamped by the ministry of Health of the Province of Jujuy. Includes handwritten notes which are mostly illegible.