Fabrication of Ceramic and Metal Matrix Composites From Selective Laser Sintered Ceramic Preforms

Deckard, Lucy
Claar, T. Dennis
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This paper will discuss the tool~less fabrication of functional advanced comJX>sites by infusion of a ceramic or metal matrixinto Selective Laser Sintered(SLS) porous ceranU~preforms using Lanxide'spatentedmatrix infusionproc;esses. The fabri~ationofJX>rous preformS of particulate cerami~sby SLS atthe University ofTexas at Austin is described in a companion paper. The PRlME}(TI4 pressureless metal infi1trationp~ss was used to infiltrate<alUIninum matrices into both SiC and Al~03 particulate SLS prefonns to make metal matrix comJX>sites withoutthe use of tooling. Also, SiC I~03 ceramic matrix comJX>sites were fabricated using the DIMO}(TI4 directed metal oxiJation process to grow an Al20 3 matrix into porous SiC particulate SLS preforms. Measured properties and microstructures of the resulting composites will be presented and compared to similar comJX>sites made using conventionally fabricated preforms. The rapid prototyping of a SiCiAIMMC electronic power package to near~net shape from an SLS preform will also be describeQ.