2011 Colorado River Basin Highlights Report: A Summary of Impaired Water Bodies in the Colorado River Basin

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Lower Colorado River Authority
Upper Colorado River Authority
Colorado River Municipal Water District

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Lower Colorado River Authority



The Texas Clean Rivers Program (CRP) is a statewide coalition of water quality agencies that performs monitoring, assessment and public outreach on a watershed level. The goal of the program is to maintain and improve the quality of water in Texas through partnerships between the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), river authorities, local governments, industry and citizens. In an effort to characterize the impaired water bodies, the 2011 Basin Highlights Report (full document at http://lcra.org/ water/quality/crp/crpreports.html) expounds on water quality data, discharge permits and other information obtained from monitoring personnel. This report summarizes potential sources of impairments and recommendations. For the purposes of watershed management, the Colorado River basin is divided into nine watersheds. The impairments are delineated by segments, TCEQ-defined sections of a stream, river, lake or bay. The following summaries discuss impaired segments in the Colorado River basin by watershed.

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