Device modeling and circuit design for ZTO based amorphous metal oxide TFTs

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Joshi, Tanvi Dhananjay

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Amorphous Oxide semiconductors have gained large interest in the display industry owing to their high carrier mobilities and low fabrication costs. In this thesis, n-channel solution based zinc-tin oxide (ZTO) thin-film transistors (TFTs) are studied from a circuit design perspective. The study includes an iterative process of circuit design, layout and test procedure of the fabricated devices in the lab. The device models used in circuit simulations are refined following the data fed back from each of these iterations which has enabled more accurate design of complex circuits using ZTO devices. The requirement and development of a physical compact model for performing accurate and predictive circuit simulations has been presented. The use of ZTO devices in low cost, transparent and flexible electronic applications has been investigated through the study of basic circuit blocks such as amplifiers, ring oscillators, inverters and a four stage Operational Amplifier.



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