Aggression in the classroom : connecting the dots

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Dunn, Sandra Hall

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Aggression, an observable behavior recognized within the psychological profile of sensation seeking, in our schools not only disrupts the learning environment but also sets the aggressive child on a path leading to academic failure, grade retention, and potential adult health risks such as alcohol/drug dependency, violent crime, and unsafe sex habits. This review of literature focuses upon physically and verbally aggressive children who are predisposed to the behavior due to physiological features based in genetics, prenatal, and childhood health factors. When coupled with negative socio-cultural factors found in the home, community and with their peers, the impact of the behavior takes on greater significance, particularly as it affects the classroom. By linking the foundational factors of aggression, the author hopes to achieve a better understanding of aggression; the effect of aggression in the classroom, on other students, and teachers; and the possible consequences of the behavior, up to and including removal of the student from the classroom, the most restrictive form of discipline


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