Gum Hollow fan delta, Nueces Bay, Texas

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McGowen, J. H.

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University of Texas at Austin. Bureau of Economic Geology


A study of Gum Hollow delta, a modern fan delta along the north shore of Nueces Bay, Texas, was undertaken to determine the mechanics of fan development and the relationships between sedimentary processes and structures. In addition this study provides criteria that can be utilized in recognizing ancient fan delta deposits and in making a distinction between ancient fan and bayhead deltas. Further, the study documents changes in form of the fan and relates these changes to specific geologic processes. Observations were made on the active fan segment regularly from the spring of 1966 through early summer of 1967 and after hurricanes or exceptionally heavy rainfall since early summer 1967. Data obtained from observations made on the active fan segment, in conjunction with a series of photomosaics (beginning in 1939 and continuing through 1963), were used in the interpretation of depositional conditions prevailing during construction of the presently inactive fan segments.


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