3D Inkjet Printing of Conductive Structures using In-Situ IR sintering

Saleh, E.
Vaithilingam, J.
Tuck, C.
Wildman, R.
Ashcroft, I.
Hague, R.
Dickens, P.
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University of Texas at Austin

In this study we investigate the inkjet printing of a silver nanoparticle ink and the optimization of IR sintering conditions to form 3D inkjet-printed conductive structures. The understanding of the interaction between the silver layers and the sintering conditions are key elements to successfully build conductive tracks in 3D. The drop size of conductive ink on glass substrates as well as on sintered conductive film was measured to optimize the printing resolution. The resistivity of the sintered deposition was studied in a planar X-Y direction as well as in a vertical Z direction to analyze the effects of stacking hundreds of silver layers in different deposition orientations. Using the results of the optimized printing and sintering conditions, conductive tracks were demonstrated forming simple 3D inkjet-printed structures powering electronic components.