A Model for Quality Education to Support STEM Student Success

Avila, Sandy
Basco, Ven
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In an evolving academic library environment, the duties of the subject liaison librarian are ever changing and being adapted as new responsibilities are added year after year. The Science Librarian and Engineering & Computer Science Librarian at the University of Central Florida are taking a model-based approach to handling these changes in STEM discipline support. During this session we will cover strategies for improving STEM student success based on a model for collaborative instruction, creative outreach, and cooperative service. This “STEM Team” based approach involves working closely on STEM based initiatives by facilitating and organizing related events and workshops which may include working with other librarians like the Scholarly Communication Librarian or the Patent & Trademark Resource Center Librarian. We will share easy to apply tactics on how to increase your presence on campus and how to utilize resources available to at your institution. In creating an innovative approach to handling research activities on our campus, the STEM Team at the UCF Libraries has created a model that has helped to spur collaborative ways of thinking across the Research and Information Services Department.