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TABLE OF CONTENTS: From the Dean (p.2) -- From the Managing Editor (p.3) -- Practitioner’s Corner THE HONORABLE BILL OWENS, GOVERNOR OF COLORADO (p.4) -- For Adult Eyes Only: How Congress Sought to Protect Children from "Indecency" On-line by JONATHAN CONSIDINE and CARRIE PAXTON-LAMKE (p.10) -- The Clean Air Act and Grandfathered Power Plants: A Case Study of the Conners Creek Plant by SALLY A. TALBERG (p.19) -- Municipal Initiatives to Increase Popular Participation in Brazil by AMY SPRAGUE (p.32) -- Lessons Unlearned: The Pitfalls of Attempting to Influence Policy through Strong Ideological Nominations to the Supreme Court by JASON BLAIR (p.42) -- Concentrated?: High-Tech Defense Industries in the Post–Cold War Era by JONGWOO KIM (p.54)-- Mandatory Hook-up Policies for Colonia Wastewater Projects: Overview of Current Situation and Strategies for Improving Connection Rates by JEREMIAH CAREW and KAREN POFF (p.65) -- Beyond the Capitalist Welfare State by FRANK FERNANDEZ (p.74) -- LBJ School of Public Affairs Professional Reports and Dissertations Completed in 1999 (p.85) -- Index of Past Journal Articles (p.89) -- LBJ Journal of Public Affairs Editorial Board (p.91)

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