IGF-1 conjugated to a PEGylated-Fibrin hydrogel as a therapeutic modality for eccentric muscle damage in rats




Treff, Jessica Caitlin

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We evaluated the efficacy of treating eccentric muscle damage with IGF-1 PEGylated to a fibrin biomatrix. With one injection, delivered one hour after the induction of eccentric muscle damage we saw an attenuation of force loss early in recovery, maintenance of muscle weight, and progression to the repair/regeneration of the damaged fibers at a greater speed and magnitude in the first week of recovery. As opposed to introducing an unbound bolus of IGF-1, we believe the ability of the PEGylated-fibrin to stabilize and sustain delivery of the molecule results in significantly better recovery. Coupling IGF-1, which has multiple beneficial effects in tissue repair, with this system of delivery provides a simple and easy to administer treatment for eccentric muscle damage. With this form of damage being the most prevalent of all skeletal muscle damage types, since it is underlies all muscle strain, a simple and effective treatment is important for increasing functional recovery after injury.



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