Understanding Migration: T-Chart Activity—Israel/Palestinian Conflict




Arsenault, Natalie
Rose, Christopher
Phillips, Jennifer Jordan
Azulay, Allegra
Meyer, Rachel
Giles, Terry

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Section 3: Using T-Charts and Writing Prompts to Explore Migration

Section 3 contains a series of parallel activities that explore specific real-world examples of migration. Each short unit contains a simple reading, written for a middle-level audience, a T-chart activity, and a writing prompt, which can be done as an individual class assignment, in small groups, as an entire class, or as homework. Case Study 3: The Palestinian "Right of Return" One of the most difficult issues that Israelis and Palestinians must solve in order to work out a peace agreement is the issue of the Palestinian "right of return." When the state of Israel was declared in 1947, a war broke out between Israel and its Arab neighbors. Many of the Arab residents who lived in what became Israel fled their homes. Many more fled during the Arab-Israeli war in 1967. Now, many Palestinians are asking for the right to return to their homes in what is now Israel proper. This is an issue that is very emotional for people on both sides of this conflict. Students will consider the reasons for and against the Palestinian 'right of return.'


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