Process Parameters Optimization for Ultrasonically Consolidated Fiber-Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites

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Yang, Y.
Janaki Ram, G. D.
Stucker, B. E.

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As an emerging rapid prototyping technology, Ultrasonic Consolidation (UC) has been used to successfully fabricate metal matrix composites (MMC). The intent of this study is to identify the optimum combination of processing parameters, including oscillation amplitude, welding speed, normal force, operating temperature and fiber orientation, for manufacture of long fiber-reinforced MMCs. The experiments were designed using the Taguchi method, and an L25 orthogonal array was utilized to determine the influences of each parameter. SiC fibers of 0.1mm diameter were successfully embedded into an Al 3003 metal matrix. Two methods were employed to characterize the bonding between the fiber and matrix material: optical/electron microscopy and push-out tests monitored by an acoustic emission (AE) sensor. SEM images and data from push-out tests were analyzed and optimum combinations of parameters were achieved.


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