Large Scale Simulations of a Ship Power System with Energy Storage and Multiple Directed Energy Loads

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Hebner, R. E.
Herbst, J
Gattozzi, A.

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A large scale Simulink® simulation model of the electrical power system of a ship is described. The model includes the major systems onboard, from prime movers to the actual loads, and incorporates several intermittent duty loads along with continuous duty loads. Three types of energy storage systems have been modeled: flywheels, batteries, and capacitors. Therefore, critical issues like stability, reconfigurability, fault management, and minimum rating of energy storage units can be studied. The presence of energy storage has also allowed the study of how these systems can be used to improve the overall performance of the ship. Typical functions, for example, would include load leveling of the power bus, an uninterruptible power supply function for sections of the ship, and the potential for fuel efficiency improvement by reducing the number of turbines being run at fractional loads to fewer being run closer to their optimal specific fuel efficiency point. Typical outputs of the simulations are presented and discussed. In addition, several challenges presented by the scale of the simulations, the software platform used, and the underlying modeling philosophy are discussed with an outlook toward future improvements both in the computing hardware and in the programming methods.


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R. Hebner, J. Herbst, and A. Gattozzi, “Large scale simulations of a ship power system with energy storage and multiple directed energy loads,” Proc. Grand Challenges in Modeling & Simulation (GCMS2010), Part of the International Simulation Multiconference (ISMC’10), Ottawa, Canada, July 11-14, 2010, pp. 430-435.