Reflective impulse : an investigation in the use of depth sensing devices in performance design

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Erb, Lacey E.

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Live performances that use projection technology and other interactive media have gained popularity and are providing many opportunities for designers. The availability of commercial depth sensing devices has made sophisticated moving tracking technology available to the public. Their utilization in performance design has had varied success in terms of audience engagement.
Through the creation of an interactive dance piece Reflective Impulse this thesis explores what elements make up successful interactive and immersive performances; attempts to assess what benefits motion tracking via point cloud generating devices offer a designer for creating design for performance; and asks how to best to use motion tracking technology to aid in storytelling and in audience engagement. This paper reports and reflects upon the process of creating Reflective Impulse with the aim of exploring depth sensing technology while the author learned and refining skills and techniques needed to create successful interactive media performance pieces. Process assessment and audience response surveys are used to gage success.


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