User’s Manual for Finite Element Pavement Response Analysis Software TTI-PAVE

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A finite element program was developed to calculate the responses of the pavement under traffic load. The finite element procedure and the code was originally derived by Owen and Hinton (1980) using elasto-plastic formulation. This software is developed to analyze an axisymmetric problem with material nonlinearity. Liu modified the program by developing a mesh generation algorithm, implementation of several constitutive models and non-symmetric solutions... Later in 2000 Park made another set of modification to the software to incorporate stress dependent Poisson ratio nonlinear analysis using load increments. Adu-Osie later modified the program to incorporate cross-anisotropy in the formulations. Adu-Osie implemented Uzan’s model presented in equation 1 instead of the nonlinear elasto-plastic model for pavement analysis.


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