Forging a path to success : the persistence and resilience of low-income college students




Alsandor, Danielle Juanice

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The rate of persistence among low-income college students continues to lag far behind that of high-income college students (Engle & Tinto, 2008; Mortenson, 2007). Research cites academic and social integration along with economic, social, and cultural capital affect college students’ ability to persist (Bourdieu, 1986; Tinto, 1993). Low-income college students possess lower levels of capital and are six times less likely to persist than their high-income peers (Mortenson, 2007). This qualitative study explored the experiences of low-income college students who have forged a path to success through their persistence. The role of resilience was explored as resilience aids individuals in overcoming adversity. Through an interpretivist lens and a conceptual framework based on social, cultural, and economic capital, this study used phenomenology to add to the literature on student persistence by researching low-income college students and the role of resilience in their lives.



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