Predicting long-term effects of freshwater inflow on macrobenthos in the Lavaca-Colorado and Guadalupe estuaries : year 2 : final report




Montagna, Paul A.

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Two estuaries have been studied to determine the effect of year-to-year variation of freshwater inflow on macrobenthic infauna. The estuaries have similar inflow characteristics, but the Lavaca-Colorado has direct exchange of coastal marine water with the Gulf of Mexico and the Guadalupe does not. Studies in the Lavaca-Colorado began in 1984, and studies in the Guadalupe began in 1987. There are changes in community structure and function from year-to-year, which can be linked to the long-term cycle of wet and dry years along the Texas coast. There appears to be a long-term cycle of high-inflow stimulated recruitment, followed by nutrient depletion and recruitment of marine species during low-inflow periods, followed by declines in productivity until the next wet year. These cycles appear to have a period of 2-3 years, but it will take at least 3 more years of data to test this hypothesis



September 1992
From University of Texas at Austin, Marine Science Institute ... to Texas Water Development Board.
Interagency Cooperative Contract, TWDB Contract no. 92-483-300