Modeling, simulation, and control of stage one Selective Laser Flash Sintering of 8YSZ

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Rahaim, Nicholas Charles

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Selective Laser Flash Sintering (SLFS) is a new form of additive manufacturing, binding ceramic powders through the heat application of a laser and an electric field. To better understand SLFS a control oriented model was developed based on the known physics. This model was then fitted to experimental data to capture the expected trends. With a control oriented model, feedback control may be implemented to control the current and temperature of the SLFS system during stage one sintering. Simulation results indicate that the model is successful at capturing the temperature profile during stage one flash sintering of 8 mol% yttria-stabilized zirconia (8YSZ). In simulation the current and temperature were successfully controlled. Additional experimentation is required and steps are proposed for how to implement this control strategy on an SLFS system.


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