A case study of designing a mobile app prototype for seniors




Liou, I-Hui

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As technology has advanced rapidly over recent decades, the aging population has also grown. Therefore, the importance of addressing senior users’ needs in using and learning technology deserves attention from the government and industry. There have been websites and mobile applications designed for senior learners to take online courses, join online discussions or make friends. However, there are limited mobile apps for seniors to acquire information, while connecting to others online. To fill the gap, this report explores the design considerations that should be taken into account to facilitate seniors to better use of technology. A mobile app prototype, Chatlet, was developed to illustrate the ideas of a mobile app that might interest seniors. To evaluate the design features, a case study on four seniors between 56 and 76 years old was conducted through interviews and usability testing. The findings indicate that seniors are motivated to use mobile apps mostly for getting information and communication, and one’s self-efficacy with technology could impact their selection of online activities. It is recommended that a senior-friendly mobile app be responsive to users’ actions on the app, have availability of technical support and clearly present the purpose of the app. Further details about design recommendations on mobile apps for seniors and pedagogical implications are discussed within the report


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