Oxidative degradation of piperazine in the absorption of carbon dioxide

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Alawode, Akinleye Olaolu

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Oxidative degradation of piperazine was quantified by using Gas and Ion Chromatography. The GC analysis involved the direct analysis of the piperazine using calibration standards, while the IC analysis was based on quantifying acetate, a degradation product which is an indication of piperazine loss. This study used an agitated reactor maintained at 55̊C, with conditions similar to those in absorber/stripper configurations for CO₂ removal from flue gas. The problems encountered with the apparatus by the previous investigator were eliminated and the effect of varying some process parameters such as catalyst concentration, duration and agitation on degradation was studied. The rate of acetate production ranged from 0.08 to 0.4mM/hr while actual piperazine loss ranged from 1mM/hr to 5mM/hr. The degradation rate was found to be dependent on agitation rate and catalyst concentration


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