Servant roles in French comedy of the seventeenth century




Hawley, Wheeler, 1904-

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In my first chapter I have given an account of the origins and development of servant types before the seventeenth century. This introductory study makes no pretense of being exhaustive. The comedy servant in the first half of the seventeenth century has been treated in somewhat fuller manner in the second chapter, especially from Pierre Corneille on. The principal subject of this study, however, is the development of servant types from the time of Moliere to that of Lesage, and here I believe I have been as thorough as reasonably possible. Where it was necessary, I have used the resources of a number of libraries, and some plays have been filmed. For information about certain rare plays I have had to depend on secondary sources. The monumental work of Dr. H. C. Lancaster, completed since I began work on this topic, has of course been invaluable in checking the completeness of my coverage as well as for general reference