Hydrogeologic Analysis of Contamination and Evaluation of Remediation Alternatives - Fox Vacuum Site, Jasper County, Texas

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The Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) investigated the Fox Vacuum site (RRC Site No. 93-03-0019) in Jasper County, Texas, during a 4-month study from July through October 1995. Historical aerial photos indicate the site was developed between 1958 and 1976. Contamination identified at the start of this study included a sulfuric-acid contamination plume (soil pH of 1 to 4) that had affected the quality of soil water and killed grass across approximately a one-half-acre (2,023-m²) area of an adjacent pasture. The site also was believed to have seven earthen pits, probably containing spent drilling mud. The depth of the acid contamination was unknown. The scope of the BEG study was to determine the source, present extent, and probable fate of the sulfuric acid contamination and to ascertain the volume and contents of the earthen pits. This report presents the results of that study, along with an environmental impact assessment, risk-based evaluation of cost-effective remediation alternatives, and recommendations for RRC action.


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