Research Reports from the Programme for Belize Archaeological Project, Volume Two

Valdez, Fred Jr
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University of Texas at Austin

Table of Contents : Situating Research: An introduction to the PfBAP Research Reports (Vol. 2) / by Fred Valdez, Jr (p.1-10) -- Excavations of Plaza A, Structure 4, at the Site of La Milpa, Belize: A Report of the 2007 Field Season / by Rissa Trachman (p.11-18) -- Archaeological Investigations at La Milpa, Structures 3 and 93: The 2007 Field Season / by Liwy Grazioso Sierra (p.19-28) -- Excavations at La Milpa, Belize, Los Pisos Courtyard, Operation A2: Report of the 2007 Season / by Maria Martinez (p.29-44) -- The 2007 Season of the La Milpa Core Project: An Introduction to the Texas Tech University Investigations at the Plaza B Area / by Brett Houk (p.45-60) -- Excavations of Monuments in Plaza B and at Structure 21: The 2007 Field Season / by Debora Trein (p.61-68) -- The 2007 Field Season Excavations at Structures 23 and 27 / by Antonio Padilla (p.69-78) -- Excavations at Structure 22: The 2007 Field Season / by James E. Barrera (p.79-86) -- Preliminary Comments for Courtyard 149: The 2007 Field Season at La Milpa, Belize / by Brandon S. Lewis, Robyn Dodge, and Oliver Wigmore (p.87-92) -- Excavations in Depression A at La Milpa East (RB LME, Operation 1) / by Estella Weiss-Krejci (p.93-110) -- Excavations at Group A of the Medicinal Trail Site: Results from the 2007 Investigations / by David M. Hyde and Kirsten Atwood (p.111-136) -- Report of Excavations at the Medicinal Trail Site: Operation 7, Structure 2 / by George Rodriguez (p.137-146) -- Burial 2 at Group A of the Medicinal trail Site: Report of the 2008 Season Excavations / by Kimberly Wren and Angeliki Kalamara Cavazos (p.147-152) -- Preliminary Notes on the Cist Burial Associated with the Late Preclassic Settlement at Group A of the Medicinal Trail Site / by Angeliki Kalamara Cavazos and Kimberly Wren (p.153-162) -- Medicinal Trail Site, Group B: Report of Excavations for the 2007 Season / by Deanna M. Riddick (p.163-172) -- Preliminary Report on Group, Operation 12 of the Medicinal Trail Site / by Lauri McInnis Martin (p.173-176) -- Report of Fieldwork at Operation 11, Medicinal Trail Site: 2007 Field Season / by Jason M. Whitaker (p.177-202) -- Nothing Fauna About It: Overview of the 2007 Field Season / by Jon B. Hageman, David J. Goldstein, Erol J. Kavoutzis, and Robin Goldstein (p.203-216) -- Educating with Consistent Cultural Capital in a Mennonite Community / by Dara Shifrer (p.217)