Accessible eLearning content, a video series : a sequence of videos exploring the importance, guidelines, and practices of creating accessible eLearning content for learners with vision impairments




Zhu, Wei (M.A. in curriculum and instruction)

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The purpose of this report is to explore the research relating to the accessibility of eLearning courses for visually impairment learners and help instructional designers to have a better understanding of the learning experience of visually impaired individuals. A series of animated micro-learning videos are created to acknowledge instructional designers of the problems and issues in the accessibility of eLearning design that they might have not been aware of and become barriers for visually impaired leaners to access multimedia content. More importantly, the report integrates WCAG 2.2 guidelines and provides feasible suggestions and best practices that instructional designer can employ in their eLearning design.


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