Seeing the music, hearing the drama : a multimedia suite (six pieces) for instrument(s) and electronics

He, Yuanyuan, 1985-
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Seeing the Music, Hearing the Dream is a forty-five minute multimedia suite consisting of six pieces written for various instruments and electronics, which consist of electronic sounds and video. The instrumentation includes solo cello, solo flute, solo piano, solo marimba, and flute and trombone duet. This suite is a compilation of multimedia works, all of which feature the connection and interaction between live instruments, electronic music, and visual art. The first chapter of this dissertation discusses the background and development of the multimedia performing arts field, as well as three different artists/groups and their works. The second chapter is a piece-by-piece analysis of the multimedia suite, complete with explanations of major motives, harmonic language, formal structure, and configuration of and relationships between audio and visual elements of the pieces.