Fault Inductance Based Protection for DC Distribution Systems

Feng, X.
Qi, L.
Pan, J.
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The fault protection is a critical element to ensure the reliable and secure operation of DC distribution systems. Most DC distribution systems are tightly coupled systems with low line impedances which may result in fast current increase during a fault. Thus, it is challenging to develop a fast and reliable DC fault protection method. This paper proposes and develops a novel fault inductance based DC protection method without communication between protection units at different locations. The performance of the developed protection algorithm was validated in a Real-Time Hardware-In-the-Loop (RTHIL) test platform. The testing results indicate that the developed inductance based fault location algorithm detects and locates faults with fast speed and high accuracy. Preliminary sensitivity analysis on measurement errors are also conducted to study impacts on accuracy of estimated fault inductance.

X. Feng, L. Qi, and J. Pan, “Fault Inductance Based Protection for DC Distribution Systems,” 13th IET International Conference on Development in Power System Protection, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, March 7-10, 2016.