Impacts of windmill traffic on pavement structures




Grebenschikov, Sergey

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This report focuses on the impacts of traffic generated as a result of the windmill on pavement structures. The wind energy industry is a fast growing sector of the U.S. economy. Lately concerns have been raised over the transportation of heavy windmill components on the pavement infrastructure. This report analyzes the impacts of windmill traffic on two pavement structures in Texas: 1) rural interstate facility, and 2) rural collector roadway facility. Windmill traffic was disaggregated by windmill component and categorized into eight vehicle classes. Two traffic scenarios were developed and a damage ratio for pavement rutting was developed. Based on the rutting damage ratio, results showed that windmill traffic has a significant impact on rural collector facilities when compared against normal truck traffic activity. Meanwhile, impacts on rural interstate facilities were determined to be insignificant when compared to normal truck traffic activity.



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