Principles of Laser Micro Sintering

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Regenfuss, P.
Streek, A.
Hartwig, L.
Klötzer, S.
Brabant, Th.
Horn, M.
Ebert, R.
Exner, H.

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Laser Micro Sintering was introduced to the international community of freeform fabrication engineers in 2003 and has since been employed for a variety of applications. It owes its unique features to certain effects of q-switched pulses that formerly had been considered detrimental in selective laser sintering. Besides sub-micrometer sized powders also materials with grain sizes of 1-10 micrometers can be sintered. Surface and morphology of the product are influenced by grain size and process environment. First results have been achieved with processing ceramic materials. A comprehensive overview of the process and the features is given supported by experimental evidence. Routes of further development are indicated.


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