Design Optimization Strategy for Multifunctional 3D Printing

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Panesar, A.
Brackett, D.
Ashcroft, I.
Wildman, R.
Hague, R.

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University of Texas at Austin


An optimization based design methodology for the additive manufacture of multifunctional parts (for example, a structure with embedded electronic/electrical systems and associated conductive paths) is presented. This work introduces a coupled optimization strategy where Topology Optimization (TO) is combined with an automated placement and routing approach that enables determination of an efficient internal system configuration. This permits the effect of the incorporation of the internal system on the structural response of the part to be taken into account and therefore enables the overall optimization of the structure-system unit. An example test case is included in the paper to evaluate the optimization strategy and demonstrate the methods effectiveness. The capability of this method allows the exploitation of the manufacturing capability under development within the Additive Manufacturing (AM) community to produce 3D internal systems within complex structures.


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