eXtreme devices : architecture for resilient self-calibrating mixed-signal D/A converter and integrator

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Acosta, Ivan, 1983-

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This project is focused towards exploring the implementation of parameter varying calibration systems in two highly commonly used mixed-signal components: the R/2R digital-to-analog converter and the voltage integrator; these mechanisms successfully reduced the output errors produced by inherent material, manufacturing or residual properties or variations caused by environmental or degradation effects by a significant factor, which is highly dependent on the resolution of both analog and digital members. Mixed-signal simulations were developed to validate the implementation of these calibration techniques; in addition, the ground work for the execution at the hardware level was initialized by generating implementing the building blocks at the behavioral level employing Very-High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language with the objective of executing the code a Xilinx Spartan 3 Field Programmable Gate Array.


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