Understanding social interactions with augmented reality




Bailey, Gabriel Elijah

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This report examines the ways that users share information using augmented reality (AR). In order to accomplish that goal, the researcher (with the help of their supervisor), conducted interviews of two participants. In those interviews, the participants were asked questions about their sharing behavior on and offline along with their current usage of social media. After the interviews were conducted, the participants were given an AR app called Krikey to use for a period of time. At the end of that time, the participants reconvened with the researcher and answer a few more questions regarding their experience with the AR app and their sharing behavior on the app. The report, through thematic analysis and descriptive statistics, found that the participants were more willing to share information through AR when interacting with groups and individuals with whom they were familiar. On top of that, the users expressed concerns regarding privacy and social interaction within the app. This study provides a preliminary step toward better understanding the sharing habits of users in AR



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