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TABLE OF CONTENTS: From the Dean (p.4) -- From the Managing Editor (p.6) -- Practitioner’s Corner JESUS GARZA, AUSTIN CITY MANAGER; BLAINE BULL, MANAGING PARTNER, PUBLIC STRATEGIES; DINAH SBELGIO, CO-FOUNDER AND PROGRAM MANAGER, MORNING STAR RISING (p.7) -- The United States and Colombia: Drug Policy, War, and the Need for Change by MELISSA RAUSCHUBER (p.13) -- Results Are Only Half of the Story: The Power of Assumptions in Climate Policy Cost Models by MELISSA CAREY (p.25) -- Radical Citizenship Claims in Latin America: The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities and the Zapatista Army of National Liberation by CHRISTOPHER R. TAMBORINI (p.37) -- Branding of Nonprofit Organizations: A Potential Solution in a Competitive Market by HYOJIN KIM (p.47) -- President Reagan and the Iran-Contra Affair: A Lesson in Leadership Failures by SARAH LOVERING (p.58) -- High-End Users of Health Care Among the Oldest Old: Who Are They? by MAUREEN REINDL (p.68) Water Conservation Policy in Texas: An Integrated Approach to Water Resource Policy by MAX CASTANEDA (p.79) -- LBJ School of Public Affairs Professional Reports and Dissertations Completed in 2001 (p.87) -- Index of Past Journal Articles (p.93) -- 2002 LBJ Journal of Public Affairs Editorial Board (p.96)

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