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TABLE OF CONTENTS: From the Editors-in-Chief (p.4) -- Practitioner’s Corner PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON (p.5) -- Microfinance and the Knowledge Paradigm: Overcoming barriers to Commercial Downscaling by IAN S. SPEIR (p.7) -- Changing the Economic Landscape in Asia: Emerging Economic Relations between Japan and India by ANDREW DAVID (p.21) -- Land Uses within TODs: Getting the Right Mix of Uses in the Right TODs by JOHN KARRAS (p.34) -- Migration and Rural Development: An Assessment of the Impact of Migration on Rural Communities in Huancavelica, Peru by CAROLYN BARKER (p.42) -- Government Partisanship, Labor Organization, and Inequality in OECD Countries, 1970–1992 by YOUNG H. BYUN (p.52) -- Immigration Fixes and Failures: A Market Failure Analysis of Immigration Reforms Proposed in the 109th Congress by ANNA FINK, CAROLYN BARKER, and MARITZA KELLY (p.61) -- Who Should Govern the Internet? ICANN’s Controversial Position Questioned and Challenged by SARETTA RAMDIAL (p.71) -- Democracy Defenders: The Role of the Military in Turkish Politics by EROL YAYBOKE (p.82) -- 2006–2007 LBJ Journal of Public Affairs Editorial Board (p.91)

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