Estimada Virginia De Francesco, Defensoría del Pueblo de la Nación, May 17, 2008

Habitantes de Abra Pampa
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This letter from the inhabitants of Abra Pampa to Virginia De Francesco, who is with the national ombudsman’s office (Defensoría del Pueblo de la Nación), expresses concern that the authorities are not complying with their commitments. Specifically, the letter first states that the bagging and removal of the lead slag has not been completed and that the slag is still there, and the slag that has been bagged was put into normal bags which were taken just 1 kilometer from the village and left on the shore of the Tabladitas River. The moving of the slag is moving very slowly, the letter states. The fence used to close off the piles of contamination is just a simple mesh fence which does not stop the contamination from spreading. The contamination is not covered, as the Provincial government had promised. Houses nearby have not been cleaned. Second, the letter states that no health plan has been initiated for those suffering from lead poisoning. The letter ends with a request for an immediate intervention of the ombudsman’s office. The letter is signed “Habitantes de Abra Pampa” (Inhabitants of Abra Pampa) and has five signatures, including that of Florinda M. Condori (or possibly Gondori), President of the Aboriginal Community “Casa Colorada.”