School Administrators’ Support for Educator Training on Students’ Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Is An Effective Way to Reduce Victimization for LGBT Students and Improve School Climates for All Students

Ioverno, Salvatore
Bishop, Meg D.
Russell, Stephen T.
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University of Texas at Austin Population Research Center
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth report higher rates of victimization and hostile school climate than their non-LGBT peers. Professional development training for school personnel on issues related to sexual and gender identity, known as SOGI training, is one strategy to improve the school experiences and school climate for LGBT youth, and potentially all youth. However, little is known about the impact of SOGI training on LGBT and non-LGBT youth’s experiences at school. Former PRC postdoctoral fellow Salvatore Ioverno, current PRC trainee Meg Bishop, and PRC faculty scholar Stephen Russell report on a recent study in which they find that support for SOGI training by school administration is an effective way to reduce victimization disparities for LGBT students and improve school climates for all students. They also find that the impact of SOGI training should be sustained over time to reap the associated benefits.