An assessment of the GPS L5 signal based on multiple vendor receivers




Smyers, Serena Ashley

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The L5 signal of the Global Positioning System (GPS) is becoming available on an increasing number of Block IIF satellites. As the third civilian signal, L5 is superior in signal design to the L1 C/A and L2C civilian signals. This new signal has been marked healthy for use on selected satellites since 2010, yet the hardware capable of tracking the L5 signal is still in the early stages of development. This work investigates the characteristics of the new signal and the quality of data produced by L5-tracking receivers. Commonly used receiver models chosen for this study are the Leica GRX1200+GNSS, the Trimble NetR8, and the Javad Delta TRE-G3TH. The metrics used in this analysis to assess the quality of data produced by these receivers are signal strength, receiver phase noise, receiver code noise, and multipath. The data used in these analyses were obtained from the International GNSS Service for the days of the year 275 to 281 in 2011. Metrics averaged over the GPS week 1656 provide a good indication of the overall performance of the receivers.



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