A Comparison of Controller Designs for an Active, Electromagnetic, Offroad Vehicle Suspension System Traveling at High Speed

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Schuetze, K.T.
Beno, J.H.
Weldon, W.F.
Sreenivasan, S.V.

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Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc.


This paper discusses controller development for an active, off-road vehicle suspension system. A brief review of electronic filters and their characteristics is used to provide insight on the difficulties of designing a control algorithm for negotiating hilly and rough terrain at higher speeds. Two controller designs are presented. One was designed by pole placement and causes the suspension response to approximate a Type 1 Chebychev filter. The other was designed using constrained optimization. A comparison and discussion of simulation results leads to the conclusion that the suspension should be adaptively or predictively controlled for arbitrary terrain and velocity conditions.


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K.T. Schuetze, J.H. Beno, W.F. Weldon, and S.V. Sreenivasan, “A comparison of controller designs for an active, electromagnetic, offroad vehicle suspension system traveling at high speed,” 1998 SAE International Congress and Exposition, Cobo Center, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A., February 23-26, 1998.